Ky Haus

I'm driven by a broad love of good design - creating highly functional and aesthetically considered spaces and artefacts. I spend almost every awake hour conceptualising, building and developing ideas.

I am privileged to have worked with many wonderful businesses and people, spanning many disciplines and industries, which I hold as a strong asset when approaching new projects.

I am available for consultation and collaboration and would love to talk about your business or venture. Currently based in Sydney, NSW.

T. +612 8006 0046 E.
P. PO Box 404 BROADWAY, NSW 2007



Digital Design (PS, AI, ID, CAD), Brand Identity, Event Installation, Functional Interior Design, Project Management, Business Strategy and Development, Content Creation and Copywriting, Cinematography and Photography (SLR, MF), Web Design (HTML5, CSS, E-Commerce, UX)