Arkwright & Co.

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Think: a pot of black tea; a minted cucumber sandwich; a Royal family portrait; perhaps even a smiling 70-something-year-old waitress. None of these would be abnormal in this very quaint and particular 1950‘s workshop lunchroom, hidden behind a beautiful mechanic style garage door in Carlton North.

The small English-themed dining spice overlooks a busy Nicholson St tram-stop, and through glass-paneled doors on the inside, a fully functioning bespoke workshop. Focus is on exhibiting local suppliers - brewing Carlton’s Seven Seeds coffee, and plating cokes, breads, pastries and meats from local bakers and butchers. 

The adjoined community design workshop is fitted with a neat array of industrial machinery, enabling some of the lesser experienced trades such as bespake word and metal fabrication, welding and braising, and kit projects, and will host classes for ongoing educational and development of those trades.


  • Collaboration on interior design and fit-out
  • Collaboration on business identity and themes
  • Liaison with construction / trades
  • Curation of interior design objects and styling
  • Curation of retail and menu products
  • Council and food safety liaison
  • Establish internal business structure and systems
  • Business management
  • Menu creation and development
  • Hiring and training of staff
  • Payroll & rostering
  • Media liaison and promotion
  • Website design
  • Content copywriting
  • Photography

Design: Bryce Ritchie  |   Build: John Arvanitis  |   Photography: Ky Haus, The Thousands, Broadsheet