Biennale of Sydney

Hyundai InstallAtion - Cockatoo Island, Sydney

Set on any art exhibit's ideal location, Cockatoo Island (amongst a number of other venues), the Biennale of Sydney 2016 drew crowds from far and wide for musing of well-curated art installations and presentations.

Hyundai, a major event partner, created spaces for visitors to gather and interact around the idea of 'future' - specifically 'If the future is already here, what does it look like for you?'.

Design, Build - Aesemble / Ky Haus
Clients - Biennale of SydneyHyundai
Location - Cockatoo Island


  • Conceptual installation design
  • Sourcing of all materials
  • Creative and structurally sound construction
  • Hyundai brand signage design and fabrication