The Value of 'DO'

Just do it.

Well, I'd love to say I coined that one, but - and, as if it wasn't screamingly obvious enough - a certain clothing and kicks super-giant, Nike (you may have heard of them) made this their mantra in '88 surrounding a string of TV commercials.

Truth be told though, Nike's choice advertising agency, Wieden+Kennedy, derived the phrase from a Portland murderer, whose closing words facing a firing squad were to the effect of "Let's do this". WK co-founder Dan Wieden said it caught their attention, and soon evolved into the infamous slogan "Just Do It", causing one of the world's now strongest brands to be propelled to where it stands today. Let's borrow that phrase for a moment.

There's something powerful - miraculous, even - rooted in the action of doing. It can get so, so depleting putting baskets of energy, thought and deliberation (repeat, repeat, repeat) into how 'best' to do [insert project here]. 

Theres some pretty darn good merit in just acting - not for the sake of just doing so - but for the sake of forging a sense of momentum about a project. It takes the idea from a 'what if' status to a state of reality. And you can work on tidying the mess up as it goes. Chances are, those things causing the deliberation may not even be noticed by those exposed to it.

did however coin a phrase at one point (well at least to my knowledge) - "indecision is a prison". It's a little corny, perhaps a little preachy - but it's a strong point. It's in that very point of anxious deliberation, or indecision about something - anything - that we are actually most restricted, and least creative and effective. Whats there to lose? I mean sure, if it's a million dollar deal, then do take your time. But I'm talking more about the smaller stuff. The little decisions which can bank up to large lists. 

Make a choice. Decide on something. Chose the colour. Take an option.

There's a release and a freedom in just moving. You'll thank yourself for it.

just do it.jpg