Decision vs. Decision

Here's a brilliant, thought-provoking talk from philosopher, Ruth Chang, that will change the way you think about decisions, and hopefully affect the way you approach your decision making. A number of years ago, I particularly recall contemplating and writing about choices and the process of deciding between A and B. I coined a phrase in my writing, "indecision is a prison", a simple rhyme that rang so true with me then and jumps right back to me through watching this talk. Decision has an acute and heavy power in crippling and restricting a person, yet also in wholly releasing and elevating one to a clearer state; a higher ground.


But is 'Decision A' a better path than 'Decision B'?

Perhaps we're approaching decision-making in the wrong way. When you think about it, it's not, 'one is clearly a better choice than the other' scenario or equation a majority of the time - there's far too many variables differentiating the two choices. Ruth guides us through our natural tendencies and behaviours around decision making, and challenges us to identify and release these, whilst adopting a simpler framework for future decision making.

Well, well worth the 15mins. And cheers TED!