Why make money? Just print your own.

Fake money - it's the way of the future. Right? Apparently so.

Ok, let's be straight up here - in no way am I condoning the production of counterfeit money, aka fake money, aka 'real' fake money - and then attempting to use it. That's illegal. Don't do that. You will be blacklisted, jailed and lashed for sure. And further to that, in no way am I even attempting to delve into the 'conspiracy of money' as a currency - kill me now.

Let's be playful though and look at 'fake money' in the shape of a 'voucher'.

I find it such an interesting concept that a 'voucher', used in retail or hospitality to represent a product or service, is so frivolously and even mindlessly swapped for money. Especially considering 'money' itself is indeed a voucher. It's like a voucher inside a voucher inside a voucher inside a bagel, and somewhere down the line, supposedly there's a gold bullion or a tiny crumb of one to back it all up. Confusing.

In terms of activating this concept of a voucher within a business - well, that's a brilliant idea! But only if you can make it work to your advantage without it cheapening your business model and character. Just think - you're essentially printing money that can only be used within your business - kinda cheeky, kinda cool.

And rather than get the corny, fake-gold-leaf template voucher, why not go custom and make it how you want!

Here's a little playful pop-art design I just completed for the fav local bagel digs in Surry Hills, Brooklyn Hide, featuring the one and only, Travis Bickle, iconic protagonist of 1976's 'Taxi Driver'.

Surprisingly, the Brooklyn Hide guys send hundreds of vouchers out the door within a month, and without actually having a voucher to use - weird! We saw an opportunity and we wanted to expand on it - using a little cheek and a lot of brand character.

Now the guys are literally printing their own money. Check it.