El Chino


Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, El Chino is Fitzroy's vibrant, local hive of Mexican foods, drinks and baked goods. The taqueria and bakery currently serves a revolving menu inspired by iconic dishes from all over Mexico (and greater), although chef Alfonso 'Fonz' Foncerrada says he takes cues from his hometown, Guadalajara.

The crew are dishing up very casual and authentic foods that would be served in homes around Mexico. The menu features hearty yet surprisingly light workman’s meals such as Chilaquiles Rojos (scrambled eggs with salsa, corn chips and beans) and the Cochinita Pibil Taco (a slow-cooked pulled pork taco served on a traditional corn tortilla).

The in-house baker, of 30 years experience, has put the old brick-lined baker's oven to use, and has laboured over a delicious range of traditional sourdough breads, cakes and pastries - which have quickly become the local fare!


  • Collaboration with on-going brand development
  • Collaboration on interior styling and courtyard 
  • Collaboration on menu creation and development
  • Council and food safety liaison
  • Establish internal business structure and systems
  • Business management
  • Hiring and training of staff
  • Curation of retail products
  • Payroll & rostering
  • Media liaison and promotion
  • Website design
  • Content copywriting
  • Photography

Design & Build: Bryce Ritchie  |   Photography: The ThousandsBroadsheet